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Cop arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two junior high school girls

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Crime Dec. 29, 2011 AICHI —

Police said Wednesday that a 21-year-old police officer has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two junior high school girls in Nagoya.

According to police, the suspect, who has been identified as Kyohei Morisaki, illegally entered a residence at around 12:15 a.m. on Nov 28. Once inside, he is alleged to have indecently assaulted a 13-year-old girl in her room, Sankei Shimbun reported.

Police allege that 15 minutes later, he sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl at the entrance to her home.

Morisaki has reportedly confessed to the crimes, and was quoted as saying that he was frustrated and that he had committed similar offenses in the past, Sankei reported.

A police spokesperson said that Morisaki joined the force in 2008. “This is clearly conduct unbecoming to a police officer and we will be dealing with the offender strictly,” the spokesman was quoted as saying.

Japan Today

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Newborn’s positive drug test leads to mom’s arrest

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By MINORU MATSUTANI Dec. 16th, 2011
Japan Times

A new mother in Kyoto who claims she injected amphetamine to ease her labor pains is now under arrest after her newborn tested positive for the illegal drug, police said on Thursday.

“I injected amphetamine on the day I gave birth to my baby because I couldn’t stand the labor pains,” the unemployed woman, 26-year-old Kana Shimizu, was quoted as saying.

Born in critical condition at a Kyoto hospital on Sept. 24, the baby boy has recovered and is now in an orphanage for newborns, an officer at Kyoto’s Higashiyama police station said. The transfer to the orphanage is apparently a temporary arrangement and because the baby’s father has not stepped forward to care for him.

The hospital called police on Sept. 28, once the results of a urine test became known.

Shimizu disappeared from the hospital the same day, but returned to the hospital on Oct. 20 to check on her baby, the officer said.

Upon her arrest that day she was found to be carrying 2.5 grams of amphetamine and 0.2 gram of cannabis. She was quoted as saying, “I possessed them for the purpose of selling them.”

The woman has already been indicted.

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Summary of the Prefectural Offices I visited

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From September to December I visited 41 prefectural offices. In general all most all prefectures did their best to accommodate my needs. Since my Japanese ability is not very good, I would first go to the International Affairs Division and ask for translation help. Then someone from International Affairs would accompany me to the Child Welfare Department or in some cases Child Welfare would come to the International Affairs Division. Ibaraki-ken was the most friendly prefectural office I visited. The people in the International Affairs Department and the Child Welfare Department were both great. Mie-ken was the most unfriendly prefectural office. They turned me away and told me to make an appointment if I decided to come back. They were the only prefecture that turned me away. Other unfriendly prefectures included Saitama, Oita, and Fukuoka. Some of the better prefectures were Iwate, Yamanashi, and Ibaraki, with the remaining prefectures falling in the middle. Sometimes I met with as many as 4 members from Child Welfare. Many times the people I met with would take notes as I spoke. All most every prefecture said they would share the information I gave them with others in their department. They all said they would have a meeting to discuss what they could do for me (for children who can’t meet one of their parents). But they said it was difficult for them to do anything significant. Of course I said they were limited in what they could do but I also suggested some simple things they could do, such as ask the governor to send a request to the Diet in Tokyo requesting Japan adopt “Joint Custody”. Japan is the only G-7 country that does not have some form of joint custody. I met some good people along the way. Left behind parents supported me in Fukuoka, Yamaguchi, Hiroshima, Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Gifu, Shiga, Aichi, Yokohama, Tokyo, and Nagano. I am grateful of their help and generosity. I was definitely able to raise awareness at the prefectural level but the general public still is largely unaware of this problem. More work needs to be done. I told all of the prefectural offices that the family court was the problem. The ruling the family courts make go against the message contained in the DVD Supreme Court video and the UNCRC. The family courts do nothing to ensure children have contact with both parents. The government encourages fathers to take a more active role in child rearing and has established policies for workers to take more time off when their kids are born. But the family courts/government seem to ignore this fact when couples divorce. After divorce one parent somehow becomes unimportant. Ten’s of thousands of loving parents, maybe more, are being denied access to one parent. You can make a difference by getting involved. Oyakonet and K-net are 2 of the biggest LBP groups in Japan. There are many other smaller groups too, most of whom support each other and work toward the same goal “spending more time with their children”. Contact Children First if you are interested in helping out.

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Bodies of woman and baby son found in Shiga forest

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National Dec. 26, 2011


Police said Monday that the bodies of a woman and her baby son were found in a forest in Shiga Prefecture on Sunday.

Police said they received a report at 10:50 a.m. from a passerby who found the one-year-old baby sitting in a baby seat in the back of a car parked on a path in a forest near the town of Higashiomi. Police arrived at the scene to find the body of the mother lying in a dry river bed around 100 meters away, NTV reported.

Police say the woman lived with her husband and son. According to police, the woman visited her parents’ house in Higashiomi on Dec 23.

A police spokesperson said that there were no visible signs of injury on the baby’s body. Investigations into the causes of death are ongoing, NTV reported.

Japan Today

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Fox Point man reunited with abducted daughter

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By Bruce Vielmetti of the Journal Sentinel

Dec. 23, 2011

Just in time for Christmas, a Fox Point man was reunited Friday with his young daughter whose mother fled with her to Japan nearly four years ago at the start of the couple’s divorce.

The girl’s return also freed her mother from jail in Milwaukee, where she had been held on contempt and interfering with custody charges since her April arrest on a Wisconsin warrant in Hawaii, where she had gone to renew her U.S. permanent resident status.

The exchange and release ended an expensive international legal, diplomatic and cultural struggle, and is believed to be the first time one of more than 300 children kidnapped to Japan has been returned to the U.S. via legal intervention.

“I didn’t think this day would ever come,” said James Sakar, an attorney for Moises Garcia.

Garcia, 39, met his daughter at O’Hare International Airport, where she arrived with her grandmother and Garcia’s Japanese lawyer. Along with Sakar, there were several law enforcement officials, staff of the Japanese Consulate in Chicago, a psychologist, representatives of the U.S. State Department and advocates for other American parents whose children are being held in Japan, where officials have refused to sign a world convention about international child abduction.

“They blinked, I guess,” said Patrick Braden, the founder of Global Future, an advocacy group for parents, and whose own child remains in Japan.

Garcia, 9-year-old Karina and Garcia’s sister drove back to Fox Point on Friday morning.

Braden said Garcia told him Friday afternoon that he was shocked how quickly Karina seemed to fit back into life in Wisconsin, recognizing her old room, toys and neighborhood friends.

“They’re out shopping now,” Braden said.

Garcia, Braden and others plan a news conference about the case Saturday.

Garcia’s ex-wife, Emiko Inoue, 43, is Japanese with legal U.S. residency while married to Garcia, a physician. She took her daughter to Japan in February 2008, shortly after Garcia had filed for divorce, and ignored court orders to return. Last month, Inoue pleaded no contest to interfering with child custody under an agreement that she would ultimately be convicted of a misdemeanor if her daughter was returned to Garcia, who has legal custody.

Inoue’s attorney, Bridget Boyle, filed paperwork Friday confirming the girl had arrived in the United States and then met Inoue as she was released from jail – where Japanese TV news crews were waiting.

“She’s very happy,” Boyle said, but did not want to speak with a local reporter.

Boyle said Inoue would spend the night at a hotel with her mother, then stay in the area with a friend. She said it “could be a period of time” before Inoue gets to have direct contact with her daughter.

“But the ultimate goal of everyone is to get this child to have two parents,” Boyle said.

Inoue cannot leave the country without a judge’s permission. Sakar said Inoue will have every opportunity to seek visitation arrangements or legal custody changes in family court.

“My guy will never do what she did to him,” Sakar said.

Braden said he was hopeful the case will make it easier for other parents whose children were taken to Japan illegally by their other parent to bring those kids back to the U.S., but doesn’t expect it to open the floodgates.

Sakar said Garcia’s entire effort to bring his daughter home cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, a price many other left-behind parents can’t afford.

“I still expect Japan will do everything it can to make sure this never happens again,” Braden said.

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Woman held for feeding baby daughter jelly laced with sleeping pills

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Police said Tuesday they have arrested a 42-year-old woman for the attempted murder of her one-year-old daughter at their home in Nagoya.

Police were called by the woman’s father on Monday at around 3 p.m. after she reportedly told him she had crushed 18 sleeping pills into a bowl of jelly, which she then fed to her daughter, NTV reported. The 22-month-old baby was rushed to hospital where doctors say her condition is not life-threatening. Police say the woman’s husband was at work at the time of the incident.

The girl’s mother was arrested for attempted murder. During police questioning she was quoted by investigators as saying that she was planning to kill herself after killing her child, NTV reported.

The woman’s father told police that she was being treated for clinical depression following the birth of her daughter and that her condition had worsened in recent weeks.

Japan Today

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Mother cycling with 2 daughters run over at crossing; both children die

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Crime Dec. 20, 2011
A mother riding a bicycle with her two young daughters was run over by a car at a crossing in Tatebayashi, Gunma Prefecture, on Monday afternoon.

Police said Tuesday that the woman has yet to regain consciousness, and that her two daughters died as a result of injuries suffered in the accident. Ayumi, 2, died shortly after the accident, while Junko, 4, died early Tuesday, TV Asahi reported. Neither child was wearing a helmet, reports say.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 5 p.m. on Japan National Route 354. The woman, identified as Clare Sakurai, 34, a Filipino, was riding across a zebra crossing with her two daughters when they were hit by a car, which then proceeded to collide with an oncoming truck and was knocked onto its side, TV Asahi reported.

The 65-year-old driver of the car, who has been arrested, reportedly told police that he tried to swerve right to avoid the cyclist but didn’t make it in time.

Police are investigating to see whether the traffic light was green or red at the time of the incident.

Local residents say that since the March 11 disaster, fewer streetlights have been turned on, making visibility poor in the area at that time of the day.

Japan Today

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Aomori man arrested for allegedly beating 6-year-old son to death

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AOMORI — Dec. 17th, 2011

Police in Aomori have arrested an unemployed 34-year-old man over the death of his six-year-old son.
The suspect—identified as Hiroyuki Kudo—is accused of beating his son about the face and stomach repeatedly at their home in Hamadate between Dec 11 and Dec 15, Fuji TV quoted police as saying. Kudo called police just after 2 p.m. on Thursday and admitted killing his son, but gave no motive.

Kudo lived together with his wife, daughter and son, Fuji said.

Japan Today

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Visiting prefectural offices

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I visited 9 prefectural buildings this week. That brings my total to 33 prefectures since September of this year. I gave the same short presentation at every child welfare office. Children First has 3 goals. Stop bullying. Stop abuse. Joint Custody. The focus of my presentation was on joint custody as most people are aware of abuse and bullying. Those stories make the news often. I spoke about the dysfunctional family courts. I gave everyone a copy of Colin Jones’ book about the family courts. Everyone received information about my cycling tour and what I am trying to do. I gave the child welfare departments a copy of the Osaka City Governments request to the diet to consider joint custody for Japan. We talked about the UNCRC and the secret Supreme Court DVD. They also received facts such as the average visitation after divorce is 4 hours per month. Japan is the only G-7 country without joint custody. Every 3 minutes a child loses contact with one parent due to divorce. I made a personal request that the governor consider sending a joint custody request to Tokyo just like Osaka did.

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Man held for dropping 1-yr-old son from 10th floor apartment

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TOKYO — Dec. 16th, 2011

A baby survived a 10-floor fall virtually unscathed after being deliberately dropped by his father from their apartment in Tokyo’s Koto Ward on Thursday, reports said.

The incident happened just before 9 a.m. in Kiba. The one-year-old boy landed in some shrubbery at the bottom of the building, where he was found in tears by police officers who had rushed to the scene, local reports said.

Police arrested the boy’s 37-year-old father on suspicion of attempted murder. The suspect was named by media as Shingo Hashimoto, who reportedly admitted to the crime.

“I tried to kill my son. I tried to strangle him with my hands and dropped him” out of his bedroom window, police quoted the father as saying, according to Kyodo News.

Police said the youngster suffered only slight cuts to his face and Hashimoto called the police himself after the incident, Kyodo reported.

Hashimoto’s family told police that he recently seemed to be “distressed about work.”

Hashimoto had been alone with his son at the time of the incident, local media said. His 38-year-old wife and 4-year-old daughter were out at the time.

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Woman arrested for putting plastic bag over 3-year-old son’s head

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KOBE — Dec. 15, 2011

A 25-year-year-old unemployed woman in Kobe has been arrested for allegedly trying to suffocate her 3-year-old son by putting a plastic shopping bag over his head, police said Wednesday.

According to TV Asahi, the woman—identified as Madoka Sakurai—put the plastic bag on her son’s head and then dragged him along the floor in their apartment in Tarumi Ward at around 6:30 p.m. on Monday night, police were quoted as saying. After about 40 minutes, Sakurai called 119 and reported that her son had lost consciousness, TV Asahi said.

Sakurai was quoted by police as saying she got angry with her son after he vomited. She said she had asked him to throw up in the garbage bin but he had not, so she lost her temper and wanted to teach him a lesson, TV Asahi said. But she denied any intent to kill the boy.

Besides her son, Sakurai lives with her 25-year-old husband and her 2-year-old daughter. The husband was out at the time of the incident, TV Asahi said. 

Japan Today

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49-year-old man kicks 9-year-old boy in face, breaking his nose

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Dec. 08, 2011 KAGOSHIMA —

A 49-year-old lumber worker has been arrested by police in Kagoshima for allegedly kicking a 9-year-old boy in the face.

The boy, who was playing dodgeball with friends in a residential area at around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, is believed to have entered the premises of Keichiro Kawabata’s house to retrieve the ball, TBS reported. When he failed to return, his friends went to check on him and reportedly witnessed Kawabata kick him in the face, breaking his nose and causing injuries from which doctors say it will take him a month to heal.

Police are continuing to investigate the circumstances that led up to the attack.

Japan Today

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Woman arrested for murder of 11-day-old daughter in guesthouse

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 Dec. 05, 2011    TOKYO —

A woman has been arrested for allegedly killing her 11-day-old daughter at a guesthouse in Higashimurayama, Tokyo, on Saturday.

According to NTV, police received a call from guesthouse staff reporting that a guest had suffocated her baby girl on the premises.

Police say that Sumiko Nobe, 36, allegedly placed her hand over the nose and mouth of her daughter Yuina at around 7 a.m., suffocating her.

Nobe was arrested at the scene on a charge of attempted murder, NTV said. Yuina was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead by doctors. Nobe was quoted by police as saying that she had felt no maternal affection for her daughter since she was born.

Japan Today

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