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No. of child abuse, child porn cases reported in 2013 soars

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 MAR. 08, 2014 – TOKYO —

The number of child abuse cases reported to police and child welfare centers in 2013 was 21,603, a 31.8% increase over 2012, the National Police Agency announced Thursday.

It is the first time the figure has exceeded 20,000, the NPA said. Japanese media quoted an NPA official as saying that more cases are being reported because of a growing public awareness of the issue, especially at schools and hospitals. Of the total, 25 deaths due to physical abuse were reported, police said.

The NPA also said that the production and sale of child porn has been increasing for the past six years. TBS quoted an NPA official as saying 1,644 cases of child porn were reported in 2013, 48 more than in 2012.

Police said that 646 cases, or 40%, indecent photos of children (defined as being under the age of 18) were posted on smartphones.


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Infant dies in Sapporo after being abandoned at gynecology clinic

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 FEB. 15, 2014 – SAPPORO —

An abandoned newborn baby boy was discovered at the entrance of a Sapporo gynecology clinic by a staff member on Thursday, police said. The infant was rushed to the hospital but was confirmed dead on arrival, TV Asahi reported Friday.

According to police, the infant, mere hours old, was discovered wrapped up in a small towel, and placed in a paper bag at 6 a.m. Thursday. Despite no signs of external injury, the baby did not survive long.

The woman who discovered the baby also found a note, but police did not reveal its contents.

The meteorological agency said that at the time the child was found, the temperature was 5.2 degrees below zero.

Japan Today

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Man arrested for scalding 8-month-old daughter with boiling water

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FEB. 25, 2014 – TOKYO —

Police in Tokyo said Monday they have arrested a 23-year-old man after he scalded his 8-month-old daughter’s face with boiling water.

According to police, Tetsuya Sato, an unemployed resident of Machida, abused his daughter at their apartment on Jan 29. TBS reported that when Sato’s wife returned home from work, she saw the injury to the girl’s face and took her to a hospital.

Police said Sato has admitted to scalding his daughter with water from the bathtub, which was 70 degrees Celsius.

TBS quoted police as saying that the child had signs of bruising and scarring on many parts of her body.

In May of last year, Sato was also arrested for assaulting his wife, but received a suspended sentence.

Japan Today

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Tokushima man arrested for keeping 3-year-old son on leash

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FEB. 26, 2014 –TOKUSHIMA —

Police in Tokushima have arrested an unemployed 26-year-old man for abusing his 3-year-old son after it was discovered that he had been keeping the boy restrained on a 1.2-meter-long dog leash which was tied to a window frame inside his apartment.

Police said the man, identified as Shogo Yamashita, was arrested on Feb 15. Fuji TV reported Wednesday that the boy’s situation was discovered after an acquaintance of Yamashita came over to the house and saw the boy tied up. He contacted police.

A neighbor told reporters, “I am truly shocked. The couple living there fought every now and again, but they always made up. Every time I saw him out and about, he was smiling.”

Yamashita was quoted by police as saying, “One day last year when I went to clean up the room, the boy had thrown his food everywhere making such a mess. Ever since then, I decided to tie him up in order to discipline him and teach him a lesson.”

Police said Yamashita’s wife told them there were other times when her husband would strike the boy on the hands and on the head.

Japan Today

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