Yoshinoya to grow rice and vegetables in Fukushima

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TOKYO —Oct. 2nd, 2013

Major Japanese “gyudon” (beef bowl) chain Yoshinoya said Tuesday it would grow rice and vegetables in Fukushima Prefecture. Operator Yoshinoya Holdings said it had set up a joint venture with local farmers—called Yoshinoya Farm Fukushima—to grow rice, onions and cabbages in a 4.3-hectare field in Shirakawa, 80 kilometers from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. It will also build a facility to process vegetables for use in Yoshinoya restaurants across the nation, the firm said, adding strict radiation screening measures will be put in place. “We believe this will lead to support for reconstruction,” Yoshinoya said in a statement. It said the move would also help it secure low-priced ingredients for its beef bowl dishes. Large swathes of Fukushima were evacuated after a nuclear emergency erupted in March 2011 when a quake-triggered tsunami smashed into a nuclear power station on the coast, sending reactors into meltdown and spreading radiation over a wide area. Tens of thousands of people are still unable to return to their homes around the plant, while the government has lifted exclusion zones in some areas. Farmers across a relatively large area of Fukushima that is mainly unaffected by the disaster have complained about plunging prices for their produce. Many consumers, wary of the taint from the nuclear disaster, continue to avoid food carrying the Fukushima tag. © 2013 AFP

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Osaka assistant judge arrested for taking upskirt photos on train

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OSAKA — Aug. 30th, 2012

Police said Thursday that an assistant Osaka district court judge has been arrested for allegedly taking photos up a woman’s skirt while on a train.

According to police, the suspect, who has been named as 27-year-old Toshiki Hanai, is alleged to have taken the upskirt photos on a Keihan train at around 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday between Neyagawashi and Kayashima stations. Hanai was reportedly squatting and taking photos with his cell phone when he was spotted by another male passenger who then restrained him until he was handed over to the authorities, Fuji TV reported.

During police questioning, Hanai was quoted as saying that he was interested to know what kind of underwear the woman was wearing. His cell phone had images taken up other women’s skirts, police said.

Japan Today

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Getting a moped license in Japan

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Getting a moped license in Japan is not that hard. It is much easier than getting an auto license. The cost is reasonable and the process is straightforward, thanks to the Nagoya International Center.  Need to get to work in a reasonable time. Don’t want to pay for parking. Don’t want to pay outrageous prices for gas. Don’t want to pay exorbitant insurance rates. Then a 50cc scooter is for you.  You have to get at least a 90% on a written exam (which is given in English or Japanese) to obtain the scooter license. But the Nagoya International Center has study materials including old exams that will almost guarantee you will pass the 50 question (True/False) test.  The test is mostly common sense but there are a few questions that require specific knowledge.

Read about the details on their website. http://www.nic-nagoya.or.jp/en/e/archives/404

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