Man arrested for beating 3-year-old daughter after he loses at video game

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Aug. 24, 2012 – AICHI —

Police on Thursday arrested a 39-year-old man for allegedly beating his 3-year-old daughter in a fit of anger after he lost while playing a video game on his TV at his home in Kasugai, Aichi Prefecture.

According to police, the suspect, identified as Yukihiko Sakata, was at home with his daughter on the night of Aug 7. He told police he was absorbed in the video game and got so upset when he lost that he hit his daughter in the head with a plastic toy, Fuji TV reported. When Sakata’s wife came home from work, she noticed bruising around the girl’s left eye and took her to hospital. Hospital officials notified the police.

Police said the girl suffers from a congenital illness and that there were marks on her body indicating she may been abused before, Fuji reported.

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Woman arrested for putting plastic bag over 3-year-old son’s head

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KOBE — Dec. 15, 2011

A 25-year-year-old unemployed woman in Kobe has been arrested for allegedly trying to suffocate her 3-year-old son by putting a plastic shopping bag over his head, police said Wednesday.

According to TV Asahi, the woman—identified as Madoka Sakurai—put the plastic bag on her son’s head and then dragged him along the floor in their apartment in Tarumi Ward at around 6:30 p.m. on Monday night, police were quoted as saying. After about 40 minutes, Sakurai called 119 and reported that her son had lost consciousness, TV Asahi said.

Sakurai was quoted by police as saying she got angry with her son after he vomited. She said she had asked him to throw up in the garbage bin but he had not, so she lost her temper and wanted to teach him a lesson, TV Asahi said. But she denied any intent to kill the boy.

Besides her son, Sakurai lives with her 25-year-old husband and her 2-year-old daughter. The husband was out at the time of the incident, TV Asahi said. 

Japan Today

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3-year-old boy falls to death from apartment balcony in Tokyo

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Nov. 24, 2011 –

TOKYO — Japan Today

A three-year-old boy died Wednesday night in Tokyo’s Shinjuku after falling from the balcony of the 13th floor apartment in which he lived with his mother.

According to a TV Asahi report, police received an emergency call late in the afternoon from a neighbor who reported that a child was lying motionless on the ground outside the apartment building. Rescue workers took the child to hospital where doctors pronounced him dead a short time later.

According to police, the boy’s mother had gone shopping and left him alone at the time of the incident. Police believe the boy used a chair that had been left on the balcony to climb over the railing, resulting in an accidental fall, TV Asahi reported.

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43-year-old woman arrested over death of 3-year-old foster daughter

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Police said Saturday they have arrested a 43-year-old woman in connection with the death of her 3-year-old foster child on Aug 24 last year. Police said the girl—identified as Miyuki Watanabe—was found at the foot of a spiral staircase in the Suginami apartment block in which she lived. She was taken to hospital, but was pronounced dead 90 minmutes later.

According to a TBS news report, the girl’s foster mother, who is a voice actress, initially told police that she had fallen. However, after hospital staff found bruises on the girl’s head and body that were not consistent with a fall, police began to interview third parties in an attempt to build a case against the woman.

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Chiba parents arrested for allowing child to starve to death

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 Aug. 10, 2011 Japan Today


Police said Wednesday that a couple from Kashiwa in Chiba Prefecture, have been charged over the death of their son from starvation in May of last year. Yuzo and Satomi Kosaka, aged 39 and 27 respectively, have pleaded guilty to child neglect resulting in death.

A police spokesman told a news conference that the couple failed to provide adequate nutrition for their son, Aoshi, for around 2 1/2 years. At the time of his death, when he was two years and 10 months old, police say the boy weighed just 5.8 kilograms, around half that of an average child of his age.

At the time of the boy’s death, Yuzo Kosaka told TV reporters that the cause of death must have been due to an eating disorder or something like that. After his arrest on Tuesday, he was quoted by police as saying, “It’s not like we did nothing for him.” His wife Satomi has reportedly told police that the couple allowed the boy to starve.

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