Huge Victory for Jason Patric, Declared Legal Parent

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Jason Patric just won a 2-year legal battle against his baby mama — a judge just declared he is the legal father of 4-year-old Gus … TMZ has learned.

Jason had a baby with ex-GF Danielle Schreiber, and after breaking up, going back and breaking up again, she fought hard against his bid to become the legal father, citing a quirky law.

According to the law … if a man donates sperm to a woman to whom he is not married and a doctor facilitates the insemination … the man has NO claim of custody or parental rights.

The trial judge ruled against Jason, he appealed and the appellate court said the trial judge was off base and sent it back for another hearing.

The second time was a charm for Jason. We’ve learned the trial judge just issued a sealed, 45-page opinion, concluding Jason is the legal father.

The judge ordered Jason, Danielle and their lawyers to try and hash out a custody, visitation and support agreement, but if they can’t the judge will make the decisions.

This case became a rallying cry for father’s rights — enormous victory for Jason.

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Italian father gives up custody battle in Australia

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Sidney Morning Herald
the Italian father caught up in international custody battle between his ex-wife and four daughters.Despair … the father caught up in an international custody battle has “had enough” and returned to Italy. Photo: Michelle Smith

The Italian father embroiled in an international custody battle has left Australia after giving up hope he will win his legal fight to get his daughters back to Italy.

The father – who cannot be identified for legal reasons – flew out of Australia on Friday morning without telling any of his local supporters he was leaving. He contacted them from a stopover in Abu Dhabi to tell them he had “had enough”, and was on his way back to Italy.

The 35-year-old has been in Australia since May trying to engineer his daughters’ return to Italy. Born and raised there, the sisters, aged nine, 10, 13 and 15, were brought to Queensland by their Australian mother two years ago on the pretext of a holiday – and stayed.

SMH NEWS - A GREAT-GRANDMOTHER in Queensland was on the run last night with her four grand children - custody battle story by Brisbane Times. His four daughters left behind in Australia. Photo: Cade Mooney

Supporters said the “very emotional and angry” father made the snap decision to abandon his fight for custody after his daughters made it clear on Wednesday they would resist any court orders to return them to Italy for a custody hearing.


The Sun-Herald has been told the sisters said authorities would have to handcuff and drug them to get them on a plane to Italy and, once there, they would simply run away.

The sisters went into hiding in May when the Family Court first ruled they must go back to Italy so courts there could settle the custody dispute in accordance with Australia’s obligations as a signatory to the Hague Child Abduction Convention.

But the father despaired of this ever happening, after a Family Court judge agreed on Thursday to hear an appeal to dismiss his original order the girls be sent back to Italy. The application to discharge his ruling will be heard on September 27.

The judge also ordered the girls be interviewed again by an independent consultant to ensure their wishes were understood, noting their desire to remain in Australia could have intensified since his first order was made.

It is understood that the father has spent €120,000 ($142,000) on the custody fight and has been on unpaid leave from his job for months.

Although he declined to comment on why he decided suddenly to leave Australia, supporters said he had grown increasingly frustrated with the way his former wife had used the Australian legal process to evade the Italian courts.

The father has publicly accused the mother of playing “dirty tricks” to win custody.

A spokesman for the father said he could not continue to fight for the children under circumstances that constantly thrust them into situations that were not in their best interests emotionally or psychologically.

”He loves and cherishes his daughters and always will,” he said. ”He will never give up on them.”

The spokesman also said Australia had little respect for the Hague Convention and international child abduction laws.

The father said last month that he felt discriminated against because he was a man and not Australian.

While the custody case dragged through the courts, the girls have been living with their mother and attending school on the Sunshine Coast. Their father had been granted regular access pending the final decision on whether the family must return to Italy.

The girls hold dual Italian-Australian citizenship.

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