Man arrested for leaving children in car, suspected of killing their mother

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CRIME JUL. 20, 2013 – OITA —

Police in Nakatsu, Oita Prefecture, said Friday that a man who was arrested for abandoning his two young children in a car may have also murdered their mother.

According to police, the two children, a 2-year-old girl and 1-year-old boy, were found in a car parked outside a foster home on Thursday morning. NTV reported that the car’s owner, a 38-year-old woman, was missing and that the police questioned her partner Hiroshi Kawano, a 33-year-old occupation therapist and father of the two children. Kawano and the victim are not married, police said.

On Friday, Kawano admitted abandoning the two children in the car and said he had put their mother’s body in a suitcase and dumped it in the woods, according to the NTV report. Police found the body Friday morning, adding that it appeared she had been strangled to death.

NTV quoted police as saying that Kawano has hinted murdering the woman but is saying nothing else. Police said he has initially been charged with abandoning a body.

Japan Today

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Body of newborn baby found in trash can in toilet at train station

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8-11-2012 Japan Today-Shizuoka
The body of a newborn baby boy was found on Thursday morning in the trash can in the women’s toilet at JR Yaizu Station in Yaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture.

According to police, a cleaning woman noticed a strange odor coming from the trash can at about 8 a.m., NTV reported. She notified the police who found the body of the newborn infant wrapped in a towel in the trash can.

Police said that the body was placed in the trash can sometime between 8 p.m. on Wednesday night, when the toilet was last cleaned, and early Thursday morning. Police are checking station surveillance camera footage to try and identify who brought the baby into the toilet.

Japan Today

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Baby dead ‘for a day’ as Japan mother chats on net

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Crime Jun. 30, 2012 –

A woman whose baby boy lay dead for nearly a day while she chatted on Internet forums has been arrested in Japan, media and police said Friday.

Yumiko Takahashi knew that 19-month-old Neo was running a high fever when she checked on him on the afternoon of June 24 last year but left him lying on his bed untended, police said.

A post mortem examination revealed Neo had died around 2 pm on June 26th, police said. His mother found his lifeless body the following morning, newspaper reports said.

Takahashi, 29, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of child neglect and causing death, a spokesman for police in Otsu, western Japan said Friday, adding that the lag had been due to officers “carrying out the necessary investigations”.

Takahashi, whose first child died a few days after birth and who lost another son in a fall from an apartment balcony, told police she had been using chatrooms, media reported.

“I have sought solace in chatting on the Internet to get connected to other people for three years since I got depressed for losing my son in an accident,” broadcaster NHK quoted her as saying.

“Child raising is too much hassle.”

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2-year-old boy falls from 3rd-floor apartment during eclipse

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National May. 21, 2012 -TOKYO —

A 2-year-old boy is in a critical condition in hospital after falling from the window of a 3rd-floor apartment in Tokyo during the eclipse on Monday morning.

Police said they received a call from a local resident just after 7:30 a.m. reporting that a boy was lying on the ground in front of a 5-story apartment building in Ota Ward, TBS reported.

The boy was taken to hospital and remains in a coma, police said.

The boy’s bedroom window faces the east and police believe he may have been watching the eclipse when he fell out the window, TBS reported.

Japan Today

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Newborn baby found in convenience store toilet trash can

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Crime Oct. 21, 2011 – CHIBA —

Police said Friday they are looking for the person or persons who abandoned a newborn baby girl in a Chiba convenience store toilet at around 11 p.m. on Thursday night.

According to police, a female customer alerted the convenience store manager to the sound of a baby’s cries emanating from a trash can in the ladies’ restroom, Sankei Shimbun reported. Staff discovered a newborn baby girl wrapped in a transparent plastic bag.

The baby was rushed to hospital, but police say the her life is not in danger. It is believed that the child was abandoned immediately following her birth. Police are currently checking the store security camera footage for clues, Sankei reported.

Japan Today

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1-yr-old baby girl dies after being left in car for 6 hours while parents play pachinko

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Jul. 27, 2011 – 12:28PM


Police on Tuesday arrested a couple in Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture, on charges of criminal negligence resulting in manslaughter after they left their daughter in a car for six hours while they played pachinko on Monday. According to police, the one-year-old baby girl was left in the car by her father, Katsuhiko Nakama, 36, and mother Hisako Nakama, 38, from 10 a.m. until around 4:30 p.m. in the pachinko parlor car park. Police said the car windows were closed and the air conditioning was switched off.

Local TV reported that on Monday, the air temperature in Wajima was recorded at 28.9, but the temperature inside the car would have been much higher. Police believe the cause of death to have been heatstroke.

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3-year-old boy drowns in kindergarten pool

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KANAGAWA —  Japan Today

Police said Tuesday that a three-year-old boy drowned in a kindergarten paddling pool in Yamato, Kanagawa Prefecture, on Monday.

According to police, the boy, who has been identified as Takahiro Irei, was one of 30 children playing in the pool at around 11:30 a.m. under the supervision of two members of staff. According to investigators, the pool was around 20-30 cm deep and five meters in diameter.

Police said the boy was not seen to be struggling at the time he drowned, but after the other children left the pool, a staff member noticed him floating face down in the water. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

Police are currently investigating the circumstances that led up to the boy’s death, and the supervision system that was in place, in order to determine whether or not there was negligence on the part of the kindergarten employees.

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Child porn cases up 44% in 2010

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BY TORU IGARASHI STAFF WRITER       Asahi Shimbun    2011/02/26

Japanese police handled a record 1,342 cases of child pornography in 2010, a 44-percent jump over the previous year, the National Police Agency said.

The figure represented an all-time high for the third consecutive year.

About 60 percent of the cases involved the Internet, with such cases posting a ninefold increase over a decade, officials said.

Meantime, child abuse cases handled by police grew 6 percent from 2009 to 354 incidents, the fifth consecutive year of annual increase.

The surges reflect intensifying police action on crimes against children, particularly amid growing international pressure for Japan to act against child pornography.

By type, 624 cases involved production of child pornography, up 42 percent from the previous year; 496 cases involved display of pornographic materials on the Internet, up 59 percent; and 108 cases involved distribution such as sales to specific individuals, up 52 percent.

The cases involved pornographic materials involving children under age 18. A total 618 children under age 18 were victimized in the cases, 53 percent more than in the previous year.

Thirty-three of the victims were preschool children, nearly four times the number of such young children victimized in 2009, while 93 were of elementary school age, an 80 percent increase from the previous year’s count.

The findings suggested younger children were being targeted.

In some cases, the parents were responsible for photographing and distributing images of their own children.

Child abuse at home also rose, with 387 guardians subject to investigation in alleged child abuse cases, up 9 percent from 2009.

The number of abuse cases that resulted in death of the child or children reached 29, or 16 percent up from the previous year.

In seven out of 10 abuse cases, male guardians were the abusers, while 30 percent were female guardians.

While a majority of the female abusers were the biological mother, in the case of male abusers, adoptive fathers, stepfathers, or the mother’s common-law husband outnumbered biological fathers by 40 percent.

Of total abuse cases, 99 were reported to police by family or acquaintances, 79 were reported by child consultation centers and 40 were reported by neighbors, double the number in 2009.

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Mother convicted of starving 5-year-old son to death

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NARA — The Nara District Court has sentenced a mother on trial for starving her 5-year-old son to death to 9 1/2 years in prison.

Mami Yoshida, 27, was convicted of negligence as a guardian resulting in death at the conclusion of her lay judge trial on Feb. 10. Yoshida’s malnourished son Tomoki weighed just 6.2 kilograms at the time of his death in March last year. The average weight of a 5-year-old boy is 15 to 20 kilograms.

“You made your son the outlet for your stress,” Presiding Judge Hajime Hashimoto told Yoshida during sentencing. “You did not treat him like a human being, but instead with ruthless cruelty.”

Yoshida’s defense counsel attempted to question her legal responsibility, arguing that she was “of unsound mind.” However, Judge Hashimoto concluded that Yoshida was capable of taking responsibility for her actions, pointing out that she had held a part-time job and even reported her son’s fate to a local child consultation center.

According to the ruling and other sources, Yoshida began neglecting Tomoki around September 2009, when he was already physically weak, in conspiracy with her 36-year-old husband Hiroshi. Yoshida’s husband is also under indictment on the same charge.

story in Japanese

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Couple put 6-year-old girl in washing machine to discipline her

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According to Japan Today a couple from Miyazu in Kyoto Prefecture, who were arrested in July for putting their 6-year-old daughter in a washing machine overnight to discipline her, had abused the girl on many occasions before, police said Tuesday.
The couple, who have been identified as 24-year-old Mariko Hayashi and 26-year-old Keiji Fujii, have confessed to binding the girl’s hands with tape and putting her in the washing machine during the night of July 11.

Police said their investigations have uncovered a history of violence and mistreatment in the household.

According to police, the couple forced the girl to remember over 20 behavioral rules, including saying “itadakimasu” before eating and remembering to eat slowly. When the girl failed to recite the entire list from memory on July 11, her hands were tied together, her mouth was gagged and she was placed in washing machine.

The couple have also admitted to hitting the girl. Fujii was quoted by police as saying he hit the girl because she was eating her dinner too fast. Meanwhile, Hayashi told police, “Using violence to discipline children is completely normal.”

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Man gets suspended sentence for throwing 9-month-old daughter against wall

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Another unbelievable story from Japan Today. It seems the judges and police are both negligent and unwilling to take adequate steps to protect women and children from abuse. I fail to understand the logic behind the judges ruling. Nor do I understand why the police are so unsympathetic.

Here is the story from Japan Today. The Fukuoka District Court on Tuesday gave a suspended sentence to a 23-year-old man who caused severe injuries to his 9-month-old daughter by throwing her against a wall.

In sentencing Yuki Okada to two years in prison, suspended for four years, Judge Yoshiya Yoshizaki said that Okada had ‘‘committed the act after getting upset because his daughter stopped crying when his wife consoled her but started crying when he did the same.’‘

Okada, a company employee, threw his daughter against a wall twice at their home in the city of Fukuoka on April 14, breaking her thigh bone, according to the ruling. He was also found guilty of causing minor injuries to his wife by hitting her on the head with an umbrella in January.

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5-year-old boy falls from balcony of 9th-floor apartment

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The following story (from Japan Today) is one that could have been prevented. Parents need to be fined, penalized, or jailed if they leave their children unattended.

A five-year-old boy is in a critical condition after he fell from the balcony of a 9th floor apartment in Tokyo’s Nakano Ward on Sunday. At around 1:30 p.m., emergency services received a call alerting them that there was a child lying on the road in front of an apartment building.

According to police, the boy had been left at home alone by his parents who had gone out for a while. Police believe the boy climbed over the 120-cm high balcony railing. Police are treating the fall as an accident and no charges have been made.

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Needless death of 3 children

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This is exactly the kind of thing Children First wants to prevent from happening. Three children died in 2 separate cases in 2010. In one case the mother abandoned her kids and let them starve to death. In the other case an eighteen year abandoned her new born shortly after giving birth in a public restroom. There needs to be options for these young mothers. They need to know where to get help. Follow the link to read the entire article.

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